Soft cheese

Water with a hint of fruit

The perfect thirst quencher: for those who want the health benefits of mineral water, but prefer it with a flavor - Lebensmittel's mineral water variations are a good choice. Here you will find water that is gently infused with flavor. So in your thirst quencher, you will find the important minerals and valuable trace elements that you are used to from natural mineral water - but with a hint of fruit flavor. This way, you can enjoy the goodness of mineral water with a touch of refreshing lemon, exotic tropical fruits, sweet forest berries, and much more. In the online shop, you can browse for flavored mineral water variations and try out what tastes best for you. You can order the drinks by simply clicking them into your shopping cart, and even the tedious task of carrying heavy crates is taken care of by the online supermarket delivery service when you buy your drinks at Lebensmittel.

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