Baked goods from the supermarket

Bakery Goods from the Supermarket - Treats for Your Sweet Tooth

We all know the feeling: a small craving hits between meals and we want something sweet to snack on. But what do you do if you don't have time to bake something yourself? The solution lies in the numerous baked goods available at your local supermarket. We have scouted out the most popular treats for you.

Delicacies from the Cookie Section

Cookies are the classic baked good. Whether crispy or soft, chocolatey or fruity, the selection is huge. Popular varieties include butter cookies, chocolate cookies, and oat cookies. Even more exotic versions, such as ginger cookies or shortbread, have been gaining more and more fans.

Butter Cookies - the All-Rounders

Butter cookies are probably the most widely available cookie variety. With their delicate buttery flavor, they pair well with any tea or coffee and are also delicious on their own. The classic round butter cookies are usually simple in design, but can also be decorated with chocolate glaze or nuts.

Chocolate Cookies - for Sweet Tooths

For those who prefer a chocolatey taste, chocolate cookies are the way to go. They come in a wide range of styles - from milk chocolate to dark chocolate or even white chocolate chunks. There are also versions with nuts or other extras.

Oat Cookies - Healthy and Satisfying

Oat cookies are a good alternative to classic cookies. They are healthier because they contain more fiber and also keep you full longer due to their composition. Most oat cookies are enhanced with raisins or chocolate, and have a pleasant nutty taste.

Sugar-Sweet Temptations from the Bakery

For those who prefer something more elaborate, sweet baked goods from the bakery are the way to go. Here, the selection is just as large and diverse. We present you with the most popular varieties.

Muffins - Sweet Cakes for Any Occasion

Muffins are small cakes available in a wide range of flavors. The base is usually a sponge cake, which is then refined with chocolate, nuts, fruits or spices depending on the variety. Muffins are not only an ideal complement to afternoon coffee, but also a popular snack for on the go.

Cupcakes - the Highlight of Any Coffee Table

Cupcakes are the absolute highlight of any coffee table. They consist of a small sponge cake that is decorated with a topping of buttercream, cream cheese or fondant. Here, the imagination knows no bounds, as cupcakes come in a variety of colors and tastes.

Donuts - the Trendy Pastry from the USA

Donuts are the trendy pastry from the USA and are increasingly being found in Germany as well. The round doughnuts are fried and then decorated with various toppings. Particularly popular are glazes made of chocolate, powdered sugar or sprinkles.

Classics from the Pastry Shop

For those who prefer particularly elegant treats, the classics from the pastry shop are the way to go. While the selection may not be as large as in the supermarket, the baked goods are all the more delicious.

Macaroons - the Delicate Meringue Pastry

Macaroons are a classic meringue pastry available in a variety of styles. Whether refined with chocolate, nuts or fruits - these small treats are always a delight. French macarons are particularly popular and come in all imaginable flavors.

Cream Cakes - the Queens of the Pastry Shop

Cream cakes are probably the highlight of any coffee table. Whether Black Forest cake, strawberry cream cake or raspberry cake - the selection is huge. Most cream cakes consist of several layers of sponge cake, which are decorated with cream, fruits or chocolate.

Puff Pastry - Delicious Temptation Made of Puff Pastry

Puff pastry is made of airy puff pastry and is a real treat. Whether croissants, pain au chocolat or nut sticks - the baked goods are suitable for any occasion and taste simply delicious.


If you're looking for a sweet treat, you're sure to find it at the supermarket or pastry shop. Whether cookies, muffins, donuts or cream cakes - the selection is huge and leaves nothing to be desired. So go ahead and enjoy!

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