Soups & Stews

Soups & Stews - Enjoyment for All Seasons

Delicious Soups & Stews for Cold Winter Days

In the cold season, there is hardly anything better than a hot soup or a hearty stew to warm up and provide the body with important nutrients. Especially popular during this time are soups and stews with root vegetables such as carrots, celery or parsnips, which are rich in vitamins and minerals and strengthen the immune system. Why not try our carrot ginger soup or our potato leek stew - both classics are not only quick to prepare, but also incredibly tasty!

Light Soups & Stews for Spring

In spring, light soups and stews are particularly suitable, providing the body with fresh vitamins and minerals, yet not being too heavy on the stomach. Especially recommendable is the asparagus cream soup, which is not only light but also incredibly delicious. For those who prefer it heartier, our bean stew with bacon and potatoes is just the thing - it is not only filling, but also rich in valuable nutrients.

Summery Soups & Stews - Refreshing and Light

Even in summer, you can enjoy soups and stews - they just have to be light and refreshing! Particularly delicious are soups and stews with fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers or zucchini. Why not try our cold cucumber soup or our tomato stew with chickpeas - both dishes are not only refreshing, but also rich in important nutrients.

Autumn Soups & Stews - Colourful, Tasty and Healthy

In autumn, soups and stews with colourful autumn vegetables such as pumpkin, onions or beetroot are particularly suitable. These are not only tasty, but also rich in valuable vitamins and minerals. Why not try our pumpkin stew with minced meat or our beetroot soup with horseradish - both dishes are not only healthy, but also incredibly delicious!


Overall, there are countless possibilities to prepare soups and stews - they are not only incredibly tasty, but also healthy and versatile. Whether you want to enjoy a hot soup in winter or a refreshing stew in summer - with soups & stews you will always find the right dish for your needs. Why not simply try it out and be inspired by the variety of soups & stews!
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