Petting animals for young and old

Rodents are the ideal pets: they require little space, are easy to care for and can usually be kept in rental apartments without problems. Due to their easy maintenance, rodents are also the ideal pets for children - and playing and cuddling is always a great pleasure for rodents. But these cute little animals also need to be fed and cared for properly.

Rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs

Of course, the most important thing is food. A good rodent food is essential for all rodents to stay fit and healthy. There are different types of rodent food for the different animals, because rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs have different needs. offers different types of food for the different animals that can be ordered conveniently with just a few clicks.

But as different as the requirements for food are, all rodents have one thing in common: they love to play. So at you can also find a large selection of rodent accessories online, so that the cute little fellows don't get bored. You can choose from the rodent accessories what is most fun for the animal and the owner - for a nice time with your pet.

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