Mineral water

Mineral Water

Mineral Water: The healthy thirst quencher for all occasions

Drinking plenty of fluids is healthy, that is well known. Water is the optimal thirst quencher. Mineral water is healthy, rich in minerals, and refreshing - especially when it is carbonated. Even those who do not like sparkling water and prefer still water can still enjoy the benefits of the minerals found in mineral water. Still water has the same advantages as carbonated water but without the bubbles, making it more gentle on the stomach for many people. Drinking water helps to meet the daily fluid requirements and maintain a balanced water balance in the body, thus ensuring general well-being, which is crucially dependent on water balance.

Whether eating or exercising: Water is the optimal drink

Whether carbonated or still water, it is always the optimal drink. It quenches thirst, is sugar-free and flavorless, making it the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Water is also capable of optimally supplying the body with the minerals lost through sweating, making it the best way to replenish lost fluids after exercising.

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