Cereals & muesli

Cereals & Muesli

Cereals for breakfast - the start of the day

It is generally known that breakfast is important. This is where the day starts, where the body is supplied with the energy and nutrients that make the start of the day easy. Fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates - together with healthy fresh milk, not only a delicious treat, but also really healthy. Moreover, muesli and other cereals offer a very varied pleasure for breakfast, as the variety is enormous.

Oatmeal with a twist

If you want to spice up the classic muesli made from oatmeal with raisins, your imagination knows no limits. Because not only dried fruit is suitable for breakfast muesli, but also any kind of fresh fruit and berries. Why not replace the milk with fruit juice, yogurt, or even with lactose-free and vegan soy varieties? Or replace the usual oatmeal with other cereal flakes like spelt and supplement with sesame or flaxseed? If time is short, the online store of also offers ready-made muesli mixes and flakes that only need to be completed with milk, yogurt, or fruit juice - and the start of the day is perfect. Of course, the organic range is also strongly represented here.

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