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Our selection of chips and flips

Potato chips

Our potato chips are made from high-quality potatoes and are offered in various flavors. Whether classic with salt or paprika, spicy with chili or garlic, or something more unusual like cheese, sour cream, or barbecue - you will surely find the chips that suit your taste.

Corn snacks

Our crispy corn snacks are a great alternative to potato chips. They are particularly light and can be enjoyed in many different flavors. Whether sweet, salty, or spicy - why not try our nacho cheese or sweet chili corn snacks!

Exotic chips

If you like unusual flavors, you will love our exotic chips. Here you will find chips made from cassava, taro, or even vegetable chips like carrot or beetroot chips. These chips are not only particularly delicious but also healthier than conventional potato chips.

Our range of dips and sauces

Salsa dips

Salsa dips are a great addition to our selection of snacks. Whether mild or spicy, with tomatoes or mango - you will surely find the right salsa for your next snack adventure.

Sour cream dips

Our sour cream dips are the perfect accompaniment to potato chips and co. Whether classic and savory or refined with fresh herbs - you will find the right dips for your chips here.

Barbecue sauces

No barbecue party is complete without barbecue sauce! A delicious BBQ sauce also goes well with our chips and flips. Whether classic and savory or refined with honey - why not try our different barbecue sauces.

Our packaging sizes

Small packs

Our small packs are perfect for on-the-go or as a small snack in between. Here you will find packs with 50g or 75g.

Party and family packs

If you want to supply a larger group with snacks, our party and family packs are the ideal choice. Here you will find packs with up to 500g.


As you can see, we offer you a wide selection of chips, flips, and co. in many different flavors. In addition, you will find a large selection of dips and sauces to go with them. Whether as a small snack in between or as an accompaniment to your next party - at Chips, Flips & Co you will surely find the right nibbles.

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