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Fresh fruits and vegetables - the vitamin boost for the day

Fruit and vegetable belongs to the diet easy to do so. It is delicious , healthy and versatile. An apple or a banana as a snack in between, a dab of vegetables or a fresh salad as an accompaniment to court or even a completely vegetarian menu : The imagination knows no limits in terms of fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can be wonderful experiment in the kitchen , because it is raw invites to unusual compositions. Why not snip a few strawberries in the salad ? Vegetable smoothie or a delicious mix ? Fruits and vegetables make the bill of fare interesting and varied and enrich life . a stands for freshness and diversity , especially in the area of ??fruit and vegetables. Particularly , a focus is placed on the supply of organic vegetables and organic fruit , because in organic quality it tastes the same again as well . For by organic vegetables and organic fruit not only their own wellbeing done something particularly good, but also the environment: it is grown seasonally just what , for example, reduces energy consumption , since there is no need to be artificially heated greenhouses . There are much less chemicals used , which not only insects and wild herbs do well , but also one's health . Organic food is so good for people and good for the environment . Organic vegetables and organic fruits are the perfect basis for a tasty, balanced and healthy diet.

Fruits and Vegetables: Especially gentle delivered

The food delivery service goes with delicate foods naturally have to be particularly careful. This is especially true for fruit and vegetables , because what customer wants to like a crushed tomato salad or wither ? Therefore, the fruits and vegetables at Edeka delivery service is specially packaged so that it arrives in special cooling boxes if needed fresh , crisp and full of vitamins in the refrigerator of the customer.
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