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Cook fresh - it's easy

Cooking for yourself can be so easy! With a few basics from the fridge and pantry, there's nothing standing in the way of a delicious meal, because the online shop offers a wide selection of convenience products. Even a complicated dish becomes child's play, because a few fresh, high-quality ingredients can be easily spiced up with the help of convenience products. These spice blends are available for many different dishes, whether with meat or vegetarian - so no wishes are left unfulfilled.

Classics and Exotic Flavors

Of course, the classics of home cooking have a special place in the selection of instant products. After all, meatloaf, roulades and schnitzel remain popular, and the goal is to make them taste as good as they do when cooked by Mom. This is easily achieved with the aromatic spice blends, because a well-balanced seasoning brings out the flavor that makes the dish unique. So not only can traditional home cooking be easily prepared for everyone, but also exotic delights from faraway countries. You don't have to be a culinary artist to bring a delicious Asian dish to the table, because the instant products already contain the right spices that make exotic dishes so irresistible.

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