Refreshing mixed drinks

Mineral water is very healthy, rich in minerals and crucial in regulating the body's water balance. For those who do not prefer their mineral water tasteless, and instead prefer certain flavors and tastes, syrup can be the solution. These fruity-sweet liquids can enhance many drinks and give ordinary water a touch of exotic flair. The advantage of syrup is that you can dose the taste individually, depending on how intense you like it. This way you can easily mix a drink in the style of Waldmeister, fruity non-alcoholic long drinks, water with just a hint of fruit, and of course, sparkling drinks in the style of lemonade. The sky's the limit when it comes to creativity.

Something for every taste

Just as different as people's tastes are, so are the various flavors. The classics are of course the well-known Waldmeister and raspberry syrups, which can also be used to make delicious beer mixes - the non-alcoholic version is also tasty. But even varieties such as elderflower syrup are becoming increasingly popular because they are extremely versatile and give different drinks a completely different note. In the online shop at, there is a certain something for mix drinks just one click away.

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