Milk & Coffee Beverages

Milk & Coffee Beverages - Delicious Variety for Every Taste

An Overview of Our Milk & Coffee Beverages

Latte Macchiato

The classic among milk-coffee beverages. A glass of hot milk foam is poured over a strong espresso, creating the typical layering of milk and coffee. At our establishment, you can get Latte Macchiato in various sizes and variations, such as Caramel Latte or Vanilla Latte.


Also a classic among milk-coffee beverages is the Cappuccino. An espresso is mixed with hot milk foam and milk, then dusted with cocoa. At our establishment, you can enjoy the Cappuccino in its classic form or as a sugar-free variation.

Coffee with Milk

A simple yet delicious coffee with milk. An espresso is mixed with hot milk and sweetened with sugar or syrup, if desired. At our establishment, you can get Coffee with Milk in various sizes and variations, such as Iced Coffee or Coffee with Soy Milk.

Café au Lait

A Café au Lait is an espresso mixed with hot milk and topped with milk foam. Our selection offers various sizes and sugar-free options.


A Mocha consists of an espresso, mixed with chocolate syrup and hot milk. A delicious treat for all chocolate lovers. At our establishment, the Mocha is also available as a sugar-free variation.

Our Ingredients for the Ultimate Enjoyment

Our goal is to offer you the ultimate enjoyment. That's why we only use the best ingredients for our milk & coffee beverages. Our coffee beans come from fair trade cultivation and are of the highest quality. Our milk and milk foam are also delivered fresh daily from a local dairy farm.

The Perfect Beverage for Every Occasion

Whether it's a breakfast coffee, an afternoon treat, or an accompaniment to dinner - our milk & coffee beverages are versatile and suitable for any occasion. They are also delicious as a cold drink, such as Iced Coffee. Try our tasty variety and see for yourself.

Enjoy Our Service with Ease

We want to make enjoying our beverages as easy as possible for you. That's why we not only offer quick preparation of your milk & coffee beverages, but also the option to order them online and have them delivered to your home. Try it out and enjoy our service conveniently from your home.

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