Fruit gum & liquorice

Fruit Gums & Liquorice - A Sweet Temptation

Welcome to our category "Fruit Gums & Liquorice". Here you will find a wide selection of sweet treats that will make your heart skip a beat. Whether you prefer fruit gums or liquorice, you will find something here.

Fruit Gums - Colourful and Delicious

Fruit gums are one of the most popular sweets among young and old. The fruity flavors and colorful appearance make them a true eye-catcher. We offer a wide selection of different fruit gum varieties, such as sour fruit gums, fruit gum ropes, or fruit gum animals. There is something for every taste.

Sour Fruit Gums

Do you like it sour? Then our sour fruit gums are just right for you. With flavors like lemon, lime, or orange, they provide a true taste explosion in the mouth. The texture is also unique - from soft to chewy, there is everything to discover.

Fruit Gum Ropes

Fruit gum ropes are not only delicious but also a lot of fun. You can either eat the ropes directly or use them as a straw to enjoy your drinks. The different flavors such as strawberry, raspberry or woodruff make the fruit gum ropes a real experience.

Fruit Gum Animals

The sweet little animals are particularly popular with children. Whether it's gummy bears, gummy snakes, or gummy frogs - the fruit gum animals come in many different shapes and flavors. They are also excellent as a gift or souvenir.

Liquorice - For Lovers of the Bitter Taste

Liquorice is a candy that not everyone likes. But if you like the bitter taste, you will surely find something with us. We offer a wide selection of liquorice varieties, from mild to extra strong.

Mild Liquorice

Do you like the taste of liquorice, but not too intense? Then our mild liquorice varieties are just right for you. Here you will find liquorice sticks, liquorice snails, or liquorice pastilles in different shapes and sizes.

Strong Liquorice

If you are a fan of strong liquorice, then you are also in the right place with us. We offer liquorice in all intensity levels, from extra mild to extra strong. The shapes and sizes also vary - from liquorice confectionery to liquorice dragees, there is everything to discover here.


As you can see, we offer you a wide selection of fruit gums and liquorice. Whether you prefer it sweet or bitter - you will surely find something with us. Feel free to browse our category and be inspired by the many different varieties.

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