Baguettes, Wraps & Sandwich

Baguettes, Wraps & Sandwiches

The world of filled breads


Baguettes are a traditional French bread that is now popular and known all over the world. It is the perfect companion to a variety of cold cuts, cheese and vegetables. The crispy bread is also available as croissant rolls, spelt baguettes and whole grain variations.


Wraps are a popular choice for a quick and uncomplicated meal. They consist of a soft, thin tortilla that can be filled with a variety of fillings such as chicken, vegetables and salad. The Mexican cuisine has made the wrap popular and now there are many variations that can be found all over the world.


Sandwiches are a classic filled bread that can be found in many variations all over the world. The type of bread and filling vary depending on the region and taste. A sandwich can be filled with ham and cheese, tuna, salmon, hummus, egg or as a sweet version with jam and chocolate hazelnut spread.

Delicious ideas for Baguettes, Wraps & Sandwiches

Baguette with Brie and Grapes

A French delicacy is the baguette with Brie and grapes. The crispy bread perfectly complements the creamy Brie and the sweet note of the grapes. A touch of honey rounds off the harmonious taste experience.

Wrap with Chicken and Avocado

For a healthy and delicious meal, a wrap with chicken and avocado can be prepared. The juicy chicken is marinated with spicy spices and lime juice and served in a wrap with creamy avocado and crisp salad.

Sandwich with Salmon and Cucumber

A classic sandwich, known and loved in many countries, is the salmon and cucumber sandwich. The soft bread is filled with smoked salmon, fresh cucumber slices and a fine dill cream. A light, refreshing dish for in-between.


There are many delicious and creative ideas for filled breads. Whether baguette, wrap or sandwich - the imagination knows no bounds. A quick and easy meal that is perfect for lunch breaks at the office or as a snack on the go.
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