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Fresh and delicious groceries from the refrigerated aisles of the online supermarket. A large portion of grocery shopping involves purchasing products from the refrigerated aisles. Our online supermarket offers a wide selection of convenient and dairy products, meat, fish, sweet desserts, cheese, and tasty salads, all clearly presented for your ease. You can quickly and easily order the desired refrigerated products online without any worries. Heavy grocery bags are a thing of the past. Our delivery service brings the goods directly to your doorstep, an undeniable advantage when purchasing fresh products online. The online supermarket offers a wide range of refrigerated products, divided into six categories and divided according to various sections. 1. Convenience - Fresh ready meals made from valuable ingredients. Convenience products are foods where the manufacturer has taken over all or part of the preparation. At our online shop, you can order a wide range of these refrigerated products online. The range includes savory antipasti such as cream cheese-filled or spicy pickled peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and olives, as well as ready-made soups. The coconut and ginger soups from Lena's kitchen are particularly delicious. Vegan and vegetarian ready meals, for example from the manufacturer Garden Gourmet, can also be purchased as fresh products online. Baguettes, wraps, sandwiches, and frozen pizzas can also be found in our online supermarket, as well as ready-made bread and cake dough, meat products, pasta, salad mix, and dressings. You can also order smoothies and fresh juices online as refrigerated products. 2. Meat, cold cuts, and fish for the perfect lunch or dinner. We offer a rich selection of meat, cold cuts, fish, and seafood for every taste and occasion. The range of sausages, salami, and ham is particularly extensive, with many well-known manufacturers represented. Lean poultry cuts from Gutfried are just as popular as the piquant boiled ham from Herta, Rügenwalder Teewurst and various types of sausage from the Gut & Günstig brand. Grilled meat and sausages, including those from Meica, are also presented in our online supermarket. International sausage specialties, canned fish, and smoked salmon complete the range. You can order all these refrigerated goods online and save yourself long waits at the checkout in traditional supermarkets. 3. Milk, dairy products, and cream for a healthy diet. If you're looking to buy fresh products online, you certainly don't want to miss out on milk and spreadable fats. In the online supermarket, you will find fresh milk from various companies with different fat content and at different price points. Of course, you can also buy lactose-free milk as fresh products online. Butter, margarine, lard, and plant-based fats are available in a wide variety in this category. No matter which brand you prefer, you will find the desired product in our online supermarket. In addition to fresh cheeses and herbal quarks in various degrees of fat, we offer tzatziki, sour cream, kefir, tofu, and soy products. You can order all these refrigerated goods online, comfortably from your own living room. 4. A wide range of delicious domestic and foreign cheeses. If you want to buy fresh products online, delicious cheese is surely on your shopping list. The tender and creamy Valbrie brie is part of our range, as well as Galbani mozzarella, Leerdamer sliced cheese, Gut & Günstig processed cheese, and Italian Parmesan, to name just a few examples. You can also order goat and sheep's cheese online as refrigerated products. Cheese specialties such as Harzer cheese, Obazda, grated cheese, and grilled, baked, and oven cheeses can also be found in our online supermarket. There are suitable varieties for every taste that cheese lovers can buy as fresh products online. 5. Fruity and irresistible - yogurt, pudding, and snacks. Our customers can order fruity yogurt for breakfast, sweet desserts, or tasty snacks for in-between as refrigerated products online. The product range is wide and includes almost all well-known brands and varieties. Reduced-fat products are included, as are lactose-free yogurts. Our customers particularly appreciate Icelandic Skyr from Arla and various types of Greek yogurt. You can buy these products as fresh products online from our refrigerated shelves. Yogurt and protein drinks can be found in a special subcategory. They include well-known products such as Danone's Actimel and Fruchtzwerge drinks and Yakult. Fruit quark and tempting desserts can be found in our online supermarket in many flavors and fat levels. You can also order refrigerated products online for children. The popular Milchschnitte and Kinder Pingui from Ferrero are as much a part of the range as Dr. Oetker's Paula puddings. The valuable soy yogurt alternatives from the manufacturer Alpro round off the range of this category. 6. The deli department - salads and spreads. What would the refrigerated aisle in the online supermarket be without the deli section? We offer many fresh deli products in a wide variety. Pasta, potato, poultry, fish, meat, egg, and cucumber salads in various flavors from many well-known manufacturers form the heart of our deli category. Gourmets appreciate the fruit and cheese salad or the veggie herb meat salad from Popp. The range of this category is completed by various savory and sweet spreads. The online supermarket offers you a large selection of fresh, high-quality products. You can also order all refrigerated products online. This saves you long distances, heavy shopping bags, and unpleasant waiting times. You are always informed about the entire product range and can buy fresh products online. You gain valuable free time for your family.
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