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What are convenience-products?

Convenience products are foods or meals that are usually pre-made and only require reheating or minimal preparation. They provide a quick and easy way to have a meal without having to invest much time and effort into preparation.

Advantages of convenience-products

The biggest advantage of convenience products is their time-saving nature. In a fast-paced world where there is often little time for meal preparation, convenience products offer a quick solution. Additionally, they are usually more durable than fresh foods, allowing for longer storage and stocking up.

Types of convenience-products

Frozen products

Frozen products are one of the most popular types of convenience products. Foods are shock-frozen and can then be thawed and prepared as needed. Frozen products include items such as pizza, vegetables, fish, and meat.

Canned goods

Canned goods are another type of convenience product. Foods are canned in jars or cans to increase their durability. Canned goods include items such as soups, stews, vegetables, and fish.

Ready-made meals

Ready-made meals are complete meals that are fully prepared and only require reheating. These include items such as lasagna, pasta dishes, burgers, and fries.

Quality of convenience-products

The quality of convenience products is often criticized. Many people believe that pre-made foods contain too many additives and preservatives, making them unhealthy. However, there are now many manufacturers who focus on natural and healthy ingredients, ensuring higher product quality.


Convenience products provide a quick and easy way to have a meal without investing much time and effort into preparation. However, these products should be consumed with caution as they can contain a lot of additives and preservatives. It is recommended to look for manufacturers that use natural and healthy ingredients.

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