laundry detergent


Clean and fresh with the right detergent

Those who are looking for a detergent are spoiled for choice, as there is a huge selection that promises clean laundry and a fresh scent. At's online shop, you will definitely find what you are looking for, as there is a particularly broad range of options, so that every customer can order their preferred detergent. In the online shop of, you can order not only laundry detergent powder or liquid detergent from well-known manufacturers, but also from the proven brand "good and cheap". Of course, you can use different detergents to tackle different types of stains on your laundry. There are special cleansers for coloured, white, or black clothes, as well as for delicate or hand-wash-only items. If you have particularly hard water, you can treat it with a water softener to protect your washing machine from limescale build-up. For germ-free laundry care, a hygiene fabric softener is recommended. This way, you can put together online exactly what your laundry needs.

For stubborn stains: stain remover

Sometimes, normal washing in the washing machine is not enough when stains are particularly stubborn, such as with red wine, ink, cherry juice, or tomato stains. But good advice doesn't have to be expensive here, because with the right stain remover, the stain can be removed in no time.

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