Old, Black and Lager Beer

Beer for the discerning connoisseur

Lager is just the right type of beer for those who value good taste and the highest quality. Originally, Lager was produced because it has a long shelf life and can therefore be stored for a long period of time. When modern refrigeration units ensure fresh beer at all times, this characteristic takes a backseat for Lager beer - nevertheless, there are many beer gourmets who appreciate a good Lager. This beer specialty is also available in the online shop, both as a light and a dark beer. Here you will find a selection of beers from renowned quality breweries, because at Lebensmittel, the focus is on the best quality at an affordable price. Of course, service is also important, which is why you can conveniently order beverages in the supermarket shop. Simply click on what you want in your shopping cart and order it directly to your home with the Supermarket online delivery service. Buying drinks has never been easier.

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