Fond & Buillion & Sauces

Fond & Buillion & Sauces

What are Fond, Buillion and Sauces?


Fond is a flavourful liquid that is obtained from the drippings of meat, poultry or fish. It forms the basis for numerous sauces and soups and is an essential component of classical French cuisine.


Buillion is a type of clear soup that is made from meat, bones and vegetables. Unlike Fond, it is not obtained from the drippings but is prepared separately. Buillion can be used as a base for soups, sauces or as a standalone dish.


Sauces are made from Fond or Buillion, refined with spices, herbs and other ingredients. They serve to complement or enhance the flavour of meat, fish or vegetables. There are countless variations of sauces, from the classic Sauce Béarnaise to modern, creative cuisine.

The importance of Fond, Buillion and Sauces in the kitchen

Flavour enhancers

Fond, Buillion and Sauces are important flavour enhancers in the kitchen. They give dishes a special touch and make them more interesting in terms of taste.

Basis for many dishes

Fond, Buillion and Sauces serve as a basis for numerous dishes. Without them, many classic sauces, soups and stews would not be imaginable.


Fond, Buillion and Sauces are extremely versatile in the kitchen. They can be used as a base for savoury dishes as well as for desserts. They often play an important role in the preparation of vegetables as well.

The preparation of Fond, Buillion and Sauces


To prepare Fond, Buillion and Sauces, you need meat, bones or vegetables, spices and herbs as well as water or wine.


The preparation of Fond and Buillion is quite elaborate and requires patience and time. The ingredients must simmer for a long time until they release their full aroma. Sauces are prepared from the Fond or Buillion and often require additional ingredients such as butter, cream or egg yolks.


Fond, Buillion and Sauces can be stored in the refrigerator and used later. Freezing is also possible and makes the preparation of dishes easier.


Fond, Buillion and Sauces are indispensable components of the kitchen. They give dishes flavour and are the basis for numerous sauces and soups. The preparation requires patience and time, but is worth it for the incomparable taste.
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