Spreads: Diverse Moments of Delight for Every Taste

Discover the World of Spreads

If you are searching for new taste experiences for your breakfast or snack, you should definitely try our spreads. Here you can find a wide selection of different types that convince in their own way. Whether sweet or savory, vegan or vegetarian - you are guaranteed to find something with us.

Our Assortment Overview

Sweet Spreads

For those who prefer sweet spreads, we offer a large selection of delicious spreads. Whether it's classic chocolate or fruity with berries - there is something for every taste. Our homemade jams made from fresh fruit without artificial additives are particularly popular. But our chocolate creams and nut spreads are also real highlights of delight that you should definitely try.

Savory Spreads

If you prefer savory spreads, we recommend our diverse spreads with vegetables, herbs, and spices. Whether tomato-basil, paprika-chili, or avocado-garlic - you are guaranteed to find your new favorite spread here. Our spreads based on legumes, such as hummus or lentil cream, are particularly delicious, vegan, and protein-rich.

Vegetarian and Vegan Spreads

We also have a wide selection of delicious vegetarian and vegan spreads for all vegetarians and vegans. In addition to our already mentioned vegan spreads, you will also find vegan cheese alternatives and plant-based cream cheese. These are not only super delicious but also healthier than conventional cheese products.

Our Quality Promise

When making our spreads, we place particular emphasis on the quality of the ingredients. We use only fresh and regional products to offer our customers the best possible taste. We deliberately refrain from using artificial additives and flavor enhancers. This way, we can guarantee that our spreads are not only delicious but also healthy.


Our spreads are the perfect choice for those looking for new taste experiences. With our large selection of sweet and savory spreads, there is something for every taste. Simply try it out and let yourself be enchanted by our delicious spreads.
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