Sparkling Rose

Sparkling Rosé - A bubbly pleasure for special occasions

What is Sparkling Rosé?

Sparkling Rosé is a bubbly variant of sparkling wine that gets its pink-rose color from the addition of red wine. It is a fizzy drink that is often enjoyed at special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. However, Sparkling Rosé is not only popular as an aperitif or dessert wine, it is also a real eye-catcher as a base for cocktails.

How is Sparkling Rosé produced?

The production of Sparkling Rosé is carried out according to the traditional bottle fermentation method. For this, an already fermented white wine is bottled and mixed with a mixture of yeast and sugar. In the bottle, a second fermentation takes place, during which carbon dioxide is produced and the wine becomes fizzy. To achieve the pink hue, a small amount of red wine is added to the mixture. After a maturation period of at least nine months, the Sparkling Rosé is ready to be enjoyed.

What are the different flavor profiles?

Sparkling Rosé comes in many different flavor profiles - from dry to sweet, there is something for every taste. A dry Sparkling Rosé is characterized by a slightly tart note and little residual sugar, while a semi-dry Sparkling Rosé tastes slightly sweeter and fuller. Sweet variants are particularly fruity and sweet in taste and are excellent companions to desserts.

What grape varieties are used for Sparkling Rosé?

For the production of Sparkling Rosé, red grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Portugieser, or Dornfelder are usually used. Depending on the variety and production method, different aromas and flavor profiles can be created, making Sparkling Rosé a true taste experience.

How should Sparkling Rosé be served?

To preserve the fizziness and freshness of Sparkling Rosé, it should be served chilled. The ideal temperature is between six and eight degrees Celsius. Sparkling Rosé is served in slim flutes or goblets to bring out the bubbles and aromas to their best advantage.


Sparkling Rosé is a bubbly pleasure for special occasions. Whether as an aperitif, dessert wine, or cocktail base - the pink variant of the fizzy drink is popular and available in many different flavor profiles. With its slightly tart note and fruity taste, Sparkling Rosé is a real highlight for any occasion.
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