Wheat beers

Wheat from Southern Germany

This beer specialty is not only gaining popularity in Southern Germany: wheat is appreciated by many beer drinkers. This is not surprising, as the strong taste is at the same time cool and refreshing. Whether as cloudy Hefeweizen or clear Kristallweizen - this beer simply tastes good. Wheat beer is also a true all-rounder as a mixed drink, because with lemonade as Weizenradler or with other fruity additions, wheat beer is a special, sparkling refreshment - especially on hot summer days. If you prefer the non-alcoholic version, you can also find wheat beer without alcohol, which is literally on everyone's lips. If you want to buy your beer at online shop, you can rely on getting drinks of the best quality at a reasonable price. You can simply order your beer with a mouse click and wait for the online supermarket delivery service to deliver your drinks to your doorstep.

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