Fruit brandy & fruit water

Fruit brandy & fruit water: Enjoyment from local fruits

What is fruit brandy?

Fruit brandy is a spirit made from fermented and distilled fruits. It can be made from various fruits such as apples, pears, plums, cherries or quinces. The fruits are first processed into a mash and then fermented. Distillation is used to increase the alcohol content and intensify the characteristic flavor of the fruit.

Fruit brandy vs. fruit water

In contrast to fruit brandy, the fruit flavor is not intensified but rather largely removed through distillation in fruit water. The result is a clear, neutral-tasting brandy which is perfect as a base for cocktails or mixing with other drinks.

Production of fruit brandy & fruit water

The production of fruit brandy and fruit water involves several steps: First, the fruits are harvested and processed into a mash. This is then fermented in large containers, where yeast converts the sugar into alcohol. The alcohol is then distilled from the mash. Depending on the variety and quality of the fruit, a brandy with an alcohol content of 38 to 45 percent is produced.

Uses of fruit brandy & fruit water

Fruit brandy and fruit water can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. A classic fruit brandy is served neat and at room temperature to bring out the aroma of the fruit as best as possible. In the kitchen, fruit brandies are excellent for refining sauces and desserts. They have also become an essential ingredient in cocktail culture and are indispensable in many drinks.

Quality and origin of fruit brandy & fruit water

The quality of fruit brandy and fruit water depends largely on the variety and origin of the fruit. Particularly high-quality brandies are made from hand-picked and regional fruit varieties whose aroma and flavor complement each other perfectly. When purchasing, look for certifications such as the EU organic label or the quality mark "Geprüfte Qualität - Hergestellt in Bayern" (tested quality - made in Bavaria).


Fruit brandy and fruit water are versatile spirits made from local fruits and are excellent for enjoying and refining. The quality of the brandies depends largely on the origin and variety of the fruit. Try different varieties and discover your personal favorite!
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