Order eggs online

Whether it's fried eggs or breakfast eggs: quality matters

Eggs are essential in cooking. Whether it's egg dishes like pancakes, baked goods or classic breakfast eggs, they can be prepared in a variety of ways and are versatile, healthy and delicious. More and more people are paying attention to the origin of eggs, because eggs from happy chickens simply taste so much better. Good feed and good breeding also make a noticeable difference in quality.

Happy chickens ensure good quality

In the online shop, eggs from various sources can be ordered. Of course, the breeding of the chickens is of particular importance. This includes not only organic eggs, but also eggs from cage-free housing and eggs from free-range housing. Chickens love to scratch and live freely outside. So eggs from cage-free and free-range housing can meet the needs of the animals. This way, when consuming them, you can feel good about doing something good for the animals and the environment. Of course, the sensitive eggs are especially carefully packaged and shipped by the supermarket online delivery service - quite literally handled like a raw egg.

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