Jogurt Drink & Ayran

Yogurt Drink & Ayran: Refreshing Beverages with Tradition

Are you looking for refreshing drinks for hot summer days or just want to try something new? Then Yogurt Drink and Ayran are just right for you! These two drinks not only have a long tradition, but are also particularly delicious and healthy.

What is Yogurt Drink?

Yogurt Drink, also known as Lassi, is a refreshing beverage from India made from yogurt, water, and spices. There are many different variations of Yogurt Drink, for example with mango or mint. The yogurt in this drink is not only delicious, but also healthy. It contains many important nutrients like calcium and protein and can help improve digestion.

What is Ayran?

Ayran is a refreshing beverage from Turkey made from yogurt, water, and salt. It is a popular drink in Turkish cuisine and is often served with spicy dishes like Döner Kebab. Ayran is not only refreshing, but also healthy. The yogurt contains many nutrients like calcium and protein and the salt can help regulate the body's electrolyte balance.

How are Yogurt Drink and Ayran made?

The production of Yogurt Drink and Ayran is simple and quick. For Yogurt Drink, you only need yogurt, water, spices, and a blender. Depending on your taste, you can add fresh mango or mint, for example. Everything is put into the blender and processed into a smooth mixture. The Ayran is prepared similarly, only salt is added instead of spices.

Where can you buy Yogurt Drink and Ayran?

Yogurt Drink and Ayran are now also available in many supermarkets and online shops. However, you will find these drinks with a wide selection and in high quality, especially in Turkish or Indian shops. If you like, you can also simply make Yogurt Drink and Ayran at home.


As you can see, Yogurt Drink and Ayran are not only refreshing beverages, but also healthy and easy to prepare. Why not try these delicious drinks and be convinced by their unique taste!

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