Nuts & chocolate spread

Nut & Chocolate Spread - A Delight for All Chocolate Lovers

What is Nut & Chocolate Spread?

Nut & Chocolate Spread is a delicious blend of fine chocolate and crunchy nuts. Perfect for all chocolate lovers who are looking for a sweet and healthy spread for their bread.

What are the ingredients in Nut & Chocolate Spread?

Our Nut & Chocolate Spread is made from high-quality ingredients that we have carefully selected:

Dark Chocolate

Our dark chocolate contains at least 70% cocoa content and is processed by us with great attention to detail. The chocolate gives the spread a pleasant bitterness and ensures an intense taste experience.

Roasted Hazelnuts

The roasted hazelnuts provide the nutty taste and give the spread a pleasant consistency. The nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals, making the spread a healthy delight.

Cane Sugar

We use only cane sugar to sweeten our spread. Cane sugar is a natural sweetener that gives the spread a pleasant sweetness.

How is Nut & Chocolate Spread made?

We make our Nut & Chocolate Spread by hand to ensure that each spread is of the highest quality. The chocolate and hazelnuts are finely ground and mixed with the cane sugar. The spread is then filled into jars and sealed.

How can Nut & Chocolate Spread be used?

Our Nut & Chocolate Spread is perfect as a sweet spread on bread. It can also be used as an ingredient in various desserts. Try it as a topping on ice cream or as a filling in cakes and pastries.


Overall, Nut & Chocolate Spread is a delicious and healthy spread for all chocolate lovers. By using high-quality ingredients and careful production, we can guarantee you a taste experience of a special kind.

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