Fresh milk

Fresh Milk - the healthy choice

Welcome to our page where we would like to explain everything about fresh milk. As consumers, we are often faced with the question of which dairy products are the best choice for us and our families. In this text, we would like to show you why fresh milk is a healthy and sensible choice.

What is fresh milk?

Fresh milk is untreated milk that is processed directly after milking. In contrast to pasteurized milk or UHT milk, which are subjected to heat treatment, fresh milk remains largely natural.

What types are there?

Basically, fresh milk is available from different animals, such as cows, sheep, or goats. Differences in fat content can also be found, ranging from low-fat milk to whole milk. Depending on the region, there are also special varieties, such as Alpine milk.

Why is fresh milk healthy?

Unlike pasteurized milk or UHT milk, fresh milk still contains all the important vitamins and nutrients. In particular, the calcium it contains is important for the body and strengthens bones. The protein in milk is also essential for a healthy diet.


Calcium is important for the body and strengthens bones. Adequate intake of calcium reduces the risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis. Fresh milk is an excellent source of calcium.


Protein is an important building block for the body and essential for a healthy diet. Fresh milk contains high-quality protein that can be absorbed particularly well by the body.

Where can I get fresh milk?

Fresh milk is usually available directly from the farmer, at the farm shop, or at weekly markets. But fresh milk is also a common choice in supermarkets nowadays. Simply check the label to make sure it is untreated fresh milk.


We hope that with this text, we could give you an overview of fresh milk and you can now make the healthy choice for your family. Try it out and convince yourself of the natural taste and healthy ingredients. Stay healthy!

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