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Cookies & Cakes: Treats for Every Taste

Our Category for Sweet Delights

Do you love cookies and cakes as much as we do? Then you've come to the right place! We present you with a wide selection of sweet treats that you will simply love. From traditional classics to modern creations - here you will find everything your heart desires.

Classic Cookie Creations

Let's start with the classics: shortbread, butter cookies, vanilla crescents, and Linzer eyes. These cookies are simply indispensable and belong in every cookie jar. We will reveal to you the best recipes and give you tips on how to perfect these classics. Also, try our variations, such as chocolate cookies or oatmeal cookies.

Innovative Cookie Creations

Are you looking for something new and extraordinary? Then try our innovative cookie creations. How about matcha cookies, vegan coconut cookies or peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips? These recipes are not only delicious but also healthy and sustainable.

Classic Cake Recipes

Cake always works, be it for Sunday coffee or for a birthday. Here you will find the best recipes for classic cakes, such as apple cake, pound cake or Bundt cake. These cakes are easy to prepare and always taste delicious. We give you tips on how to make the batter particularly juicy and fluffy.

Innovative Cake Creations

Do you want to try something unusual? Then try our innovative cake creations. How about a vegan chocolate cake, a cheesecake with berries or a cake with matcha and almonds? These cakes are not only visually stunning but also a dream in terms of taste.


We hope that our selection of cookies and cakes has made you crave something sweet. Try out the recipes and let yourself be surprised by the variety of our category for sweet delights.

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