Room Spray

Room Spray & Textile Freshener

Fresh scent in every room

Nothing is more unwelcoming than stale and musty air in a room. If airing out the room alone isn't enough or if you like a gentle scent in the room, you're in the right place with room spray and air fresheners. Musty air and bad smells can be easily dispelled, almost at the touch of a button, making way for a pleasant scent. Kitchen smells or unpleasant odors in the bathroom or toilet can quickly become a thing of the past.

Various scents: the right one for every preference

It all depends on which scent the resident prefers. Classic fruity citrus scents are particularly popular, of course, but those who like the scent of flowers or vanilla, for example, will also get their money's worth with room spray and air fresheners. Bad smells can be easily dispelled with a spray from the can, refreshing the air with a hint of lemon, lime or floral scent. A special room fragrance is also available for the smell of cigarettes. Room fragrance can be particularly uncomplicatedly used as a continuous dispenser, which is plugged into the socket and discreetly left running in the background. Throughout the day, it distributes a pleasant scent throughout the house, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

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