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High-proof Beverages for Connoisseurs

Spirits, schnapps and liqueurs are very popular among many people. Many fans of high-proof drinks enjoy a good whiskey, a delicious liqueur or a traditional schnapps from time to time. After all, a little high-proof drink at the end of a meal is good for digestion, and there is a wide selection of spirits available in the online shop of, which are also perfect for mixed drinks. The range of products is not limited to local specialties, as high-proof beverages from near and far countries can be easily found. So drinks such as rum, grappa, and others can complement the bar well, allowing schnapps and brandy to have international company.

Perfect for Your Home Cocktail Bar

Of course, high-proof drinks can be enjoyed straight up or on the rocks. However, if you have a few other ingredients like different fruit juices at hand, tequila, vodka, whiskey, and the like are perfect for your personal cocktail bar. In no time, you can mix delicious long drinks and cocktails from the ingredients in the right ratio. Whether you want to enjoy a schnapps straight up or discover your personal favorite cocktail -'s online shop offers high-proof drinks for every taste and can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

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