Salty snacks

Salted Snacks - A Category with Many Delicious Products

An Introduction to Salted Snacks

Salted snacks are a product category that consists of many different products. These snacks are made from dough or potatoes and seasoned with salt. Salted snacks come in many different shapes and sizes. Popular varieties include salted sticks, pretzels, chips, or crispbread.

The History of Salted Snacks

Salted snacks have a long history that dates back to ancient Egypt. Bread crumbs were already roasted and seasoned with salt there. The Romans also knew different types of salted snacks. In the Middle Ages, salt was considered a precious commodity and therefore only used for special occasions. Salted snacks were mainly produced in monasteries at that time and used as food for travelers.

The Different Types of Salted Snacks

Salted Sticks

Salted sticks are thin and long and have a crispy texture. They are perfect as a snack in between meals and are also very popular with children.


The pretzel is a traditional form of salted snack that is especially popular in Germany. It has the shape of a knot and is often served with beer. Pretzels come in many different variations, for example, sprinkled with cheese or sesame.


Chips are thinly sliced ​​potato chips that are fried and seasoned with salt. They come in many different flavors such as paprika or sour cream.


Crispbread is a thinly rolled bread that is baked until crispy. It comes in many different varieties, for example, with grains or spices.

Tips for Preparing Salted Snacks

You can either make salted snacks yourself or buy them in the supermarket. If you want to make salted snacks yourself, make sure to mix all the ingredients well and knead the dough well. When baking, make sure that the salted snacks do not stay in the oven for too long so that they do not become too hard or burnt.


Salted snacks are a delicious and versatile category of snacks that consist of many different products. Whether salted sticks, pretzels, chips, or crispbread, there is something for every taste. You can either make salted snacks yourself or buy them in the supermarket. We wish you a lot of fun trying and enjoying them!

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