Straight or mixed

Wheat schnapps is a real all-rounder. This spirit offers an enormous range of variations: Firstly, one can of course enjoy such a schnapps straight - especially after eating as a digestive aid, it's always a good choice. In addition to that, however, Korn also offers unexpected possibilities as a basis for mixed drinks, as countless cocktails, mixed drinks and long drinks can be varied with Korn. And even the well-known apple schnapps has become the right party drink. Especially when you want to make fruit liqueurs yourself, double grain schnapps is the right choice. With this Korn, you can make fruity liqueurs from the fruits of summer, which of course taste even better from your own production. In the online shop, you will find these schnapps in a large selection and can buy the perfect schnapps. When you order your drinks here, you can simply order your purchase via the online delivery service of the supermarket and expect delivery at home.

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