Kurze & Shooters

The Little Party Fun

Shorts & shooters are simply a must-have at any party. These small drinks come in different varieties and are just the right size for a little sip in between. It is not surprising that spirits such as Kleiner Feigling, Dirty Harry, and Co. have already achieved cult status among partygoers - across all age groups. Just open the shot, cheers, and have fun - this is guaranteed with shorts & shooters at every party. If you want to buy such drinks for your party, Lebensmittel is the right place for you because the online shop has everything you need to order spirits. You can also simply try out what you like best because offers a wide selection for you. Simply click on the desired product to add it to the shopping cart and wait for the delivery via the online supermarket delivery service - and you're ready for the party night!

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