Noodles, rice & potato products

Potato and rice products

Potatoes and rice: Basis for every cuisine

The potato is the basis for many dishes: delicious, versatile and healthy, potatoes cannot be missing from any kitchen, since their variety makes them so interesting. Whether pure as salt or boiled potatoes, hearty as fried potatoes or potato dumplings or even as mashed potatoes, the potato is versatile as an all-rounder. Thus potatoes can form the basis for a complete meal, but are also ideal as a snack in between, when one thinks of foil potatoes with herb quark. With no limits to the imagination when varying, potatoes always taste great!

Rice as a side dish or as a whole meal

Similar applies to rice. As simple as rice may seem at first glance, the variety that lies behind it is great. Of course, rice can be boiled in salt water and served as a side dish for almost any meal. But as risotto, the grain can almost serve as a whole meal. And it is particularly versatile: with mushrooms, with meat, with vegetables or even with fish, when one thinks of paella. This grain is healthy and delicious. Since it is perfect for storage, you can also order a stock from online shop and let yourself be inspired by different varieties.

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